Building the fabric for a new world of personalised passion experiences.

Through the power and responsible use of data science (“Ethical AI”) and by blending online to offline (“O2O”) formats, we seek to redefine the way people engage with the passions, communities and brands they care about.


Sentiance N.V. is one of the emerging category leaders in behavioural AI. Its proprietary motion intelligence and behavioural change solutions enable trusted brands to create personalised and contextualised experiences for consumers, by better understanding their everyday moments. MESH currently has a 21.7% holding in Sentiance N.V.


Why Mesh

“We have a bold vision that the current experiential, entertainment and social media landscape will change fundamentally in the years to come. By establishing a mutually reinforcing network of proprietary global content initiatives (“Conviction Passions”) enabled by innovative user-centric technology solutions (“Category Leading Technologies”), our plan is to ensure that MESH can play a crucial role in these exciting and transformative opportunities.”

Mike Power


Our team

has a broad and highly complementary range of proven skill sets, from start-ups to multinationals, from people management and partnerships to content, media and technology. We share the belief that a passionate, entrepreneurial and people-led approach will enable us to embark on our challenging mission.


Investor relations

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