About us


Building the fabric for a new world of personalised passion experiences.

Through the power and responsible use of data science (“Ethical AI”) and by blending online to offline (“O2O”) formats, we seek to redefine the way people engage with the passions, communities and brands they care about.

We focus on establishing a mutually reinforcing network of proprietary global content initiatives (“Conviction Passions”) enabled by innovative user-centric technology solutions (“Category Leading Technologies”).


We believe the best experiences are those that move you. The type of experiences that are immersive and up-close. Experiences that are personalised and contextualised as you engage with the things, causes and people you feel passionate about. Stirring individual emotions or creating a collective movement, passion is what brings out the best of us.


Technology is a key enabler to create highly engaging and moving experiences. As long as it’s used right, at your service and on your terms, technology can be a powerful force to bring you closer to all the things you care about. We believe that the best experiences and journeys are those that seamlessly blend online and offline worlds, with technology, data and content creating the optimal in-the-moment engagement.”


We are born social. In everything we do, we seek belonging, connection and collaboration with like-minded people. Shared experiences are worth so much more than the ones we keep to ourselves. We believe in the power of groups, communities and tribes as a multiplying force. But, no one size fits all: passion and context define what, how and with whom we connect and share.


Technology is no excuse for not keeping things real. Whatever the power of virtual, we need to ensure people are at the center and in control. We believe in giving power back to the people so they end up being in the driving seat and create the pull towards a truly human economy. And with people owning the data they contribute and reaping the benefits they generate.