What does MESH do?

MESH is a holding company which aims to invest in (or acquire outright) and connect a network of complementary businesses (‘nodes’) which will together redefine the way people engage with the passions, communities and brands they care about (their ‘conviction passions’).

Unlike the way that people often engage with music, sports and brands now, where large corporations are in control, businesses under the MESH umbrella will seek to provide people with the opportunity to engage in a way which is moving, empowering, social and human.

Moving: Experiences that touch you
Empowering: Technology that brings you closer and puts you in control of your experience
Social: Enabling a sense of belonging, connection and collaboration with like-minded people
Human: Keeping people at the centre and in control

The companies which MESH seeks to acquire will use scalable content assets together with proprietary technologies to enable this new kind of engagement.

Currently, MESH comprises the following holdings:

• 15% of Sentiance N.V.: a behavioural AI specialist*; and
• 100% of the IP of BDD: IP around an annual global blockchain raffle initiative, raising money for good causes

*MESH has also entered an acquisition option which, when completed, will increase its holding in Sentiance N.V to 80.05%

What is the Company’s history? Where has it come from?

MESH began to take form with the strategic re-positioning of an existing NEX business. In October 2018 the Board made the decision that it would look to take advantage of emerging societal trends and technologies with a change of strategy, seeking investments in the new technology and content arena, including artificial intelligence.

In May 2019 this change in focus was confirmed with a change of Company name to MESH Holdings plc and on 1 July, with the exercise of an acquisition option, the Company (for the purposes of the NEX Exchange rules), fundamentally changed business focus.

Where did the name MESH come from?

The MESH name reflects the planned interwoven nature of the Group’s technology and content assets, as much as it refers to the blending of the physical (offline) and digital (online) worlds to create immersive experiences. It also stands for Moving, Empowering, Social and Human; the core vision and manifesto of the Group as it relates to the future of conviction passions.

What is the Company’s growth strategy?

Going forward the Group’s growth strategy has two core tenants:

• To acquire assets and strategic investments in leading technology and entertainment companies; and
• To proactively manage and create synergies between companies in the network, boosting growth. This will begin by leveraging Sentiance’s capabilities and technologies across all new nodes of the network.

How will the group companies be managed, and how will collaboration be encouraged?

The plan is for group companies to continue to operate under their existing management structures, under distinct brands, and with a certain level of autonomy. However, the central MESH management team will have oversight of the overarching strategy and long term business plan.

The nodes will connect and co-operate directly, through a dynamic, non-hierarchical relationship. The Management will be person to person rather than top down and underpinned by a shared mission and manifesto.

The central MESH team will support them in their growth plans through asset development, funding, support, network facilitation, partner access and amplification, and stakeholder management.

Mark, in his role as MESH CEO (and potentially other team members) will join the boards of MESH Holdings companies. MESH management will proactively engage with all the companies in the network to both support individual business growth and drive synergies across the Group.

Management of the different companies should lead to synergies and revenue growth opportunities, whilst entrepreneurs retain their autonomy.


What does Sentiance do?

Sentiance is engaged in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) software which is focused on turning sensor and online data into actionable insights about individuals’ behaviour in real-time context.

Sentiance is a global leader in this field, enabling data-powered personalised user experiences supported by intelligent recommendations. By understanding consumers’ online and offline behaviour, Sentiance helps their business clients discover and anticipate the moments that matter most to the consumer, as well as contextualise their engagement to optimise experience and outcomes.

Sentiance sells most of its services directly to Tier 1 global clients, with a number of clients serviced indirectly through select commercial partners. Current clients include Uber, Renault, Autoliv, Novartis and Civiso.

How does Sentiance fit into MESH?

Data science and artificial intelligence are key technologies in enabling personalized conviction passion experiences. Real-time behavioural intelligence and smart recommendation technology will be essential in creating personalized and context-optimised experiences.

Sentiance is one of the leading providers of behavioural intelligence and behavioural change solutions, with proven and proprietary technology. Sentiance, whilst also an excellent stand-alone growth and value creation opportunity, will therefore be a core part of creating the MESH vision, with its technology leveraged across the Group.

How does Sentiance make money?

Sentiance licenses its technology to clients across a range of industries and application areas. Technology is licensed either on a recurring MAU (Monthly Active User) revenue model, with data processing run and hosted by Sentiance (on a SaaS license), or licensed on a monthly or quarterly recurring basis for a set volume of users, with data processing run and hosted by the client (Technology license).

What verticals does Sentiance work across?

Currently Sentiance’s behavioural AI solutions are being used across several markets, including:

Mobility – to enable safer and smarter mobility services:

• Multi-modal mobility profiling, predictions and recommendations: MaaS (Mobility as a Service), Smart City
• Driver behaviour profiling and coaching: Fleet management, Ride sharing, Car Insurance, Driver coaching
• Trip monitoring and predictions: Connected car, Road safety & assistance, Fleet Management

Health & Wellbeing – to provide personalised care, wellbeing and care adherence coaching:

• Behavioural health and lifestyle monitoring, pattern and anomaly detections: CaaS (Care as a Service), Health & life insurance
• Wellness and adherence coaching: Personal care, Care & medication adherence (Pharma), Corporate wellbeing

Leisure & Retail / C2B (Consumer-to-Brand) – to optimise consumer experiences through personalisation and real-time engagement:

• Behavioural consumer journey mapping and predictions: Contextual marketing and smart advertising, Real-time engagement, Consumer loyalty programs, Behavioural consumer research
• Behavioural mapping of content & entertainment affinities and smart recommendations: Media & entertainment services, Social media