The Board




Mike is currently Chief Operations Officer, Technology & Operations at the Development Bank of Singapore Limited (DBS), one of Asia’s largest banking groups and winner of multiple awards including Global Finance’s Best Bank in the World and Euromoney’s World’s Best Digital Bank, both in 2018. Mike has over 25 years of experience in Asia leading large scale operations in financial services and engineering businesses. Mike leads the ongoing digital transformation at DBS across a team of 2,000+ staff in consumer service and operations. DBS is recognised by global industry peers as having one of the most comprehensive digital transformation programmes in banking, encompassing being digital to the core, journey thinking, culture change, and a methodology to quantify the financial impact of digitalisation.


Non-Executive Director

Rory began his working life in Davy’s Stockbrokers, Irelands largest stockbroker, wealth manager, asset manager and financial advisor company which he joined straight after graduating from university.  He spent 13 years there as a senior equity partner and held this position through both the Celtic Tiger and the global recession giving him a wealth of experience in all kinds of financial markets.  Rory now runs his own investment company and he is has been an active investor in both private and public limited companies.


Executive Director

Robert has been actively involved in the technology, media and internet sectors since the mid 90s when he was CEO of Scoot Plc. From 2007 Robert has been primarily operating in Asia making various private and public investments in organisations whose main objective was to directly and or indirectly support local communities in their quest for tangible social and economic progress. Robert joined MESH in July 2020, he has known and assisted Sentiance since 2016 and his family have been the largest shareholder in MESH since 2019.